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Dude, where's my code?

Did you know that Onform was built primarily for the iOS platform? Our coaches must have an iOS device to utilize all our offerings. When a coach invites an athlete they can log in with an iOS or Android device, however, if the athlete is on Android, they must be invited by a coach!

I am going to say this again for the people in the back...You must be invited by a coach in order to use an Android device with OnForm. That is, you cannot simply create an account on Android without an invite from a coach.

If we had a dollar every time the question came in..."I am an Android user, and it says I need a code?" you might see a reply like this: "We appreciate your interest. Our invite code is not used to grant access to the app, rather, it's an invite code used when a coach invites an athlete to connect within the app. At this time, you must have an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, or Mac with Apple Silicon) to create an OnForm account as a coach or as an individual with our 'personal' subscription. Our Android app is designed only for athletes to connect to a coach after being invited by the coach."

We want to be able to accommodate all users with any device, but for now, coaches must have an iOS device to use our app. We are actively developing and improving our offering for Android, but it's going to be a while until it is more fully featured to allow a user to simply sign up directly on Android. Until then, to use our Android app, you MUST be invited by a coach.

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